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* 25th November 2005
More frozen fingers and toes! I had a great time in Vienna again this year, presenting at the "Ready Tour 2005" event and a user group in Linz. But despite being told "winter hasn't really started yet" and "this is just a minor cold snap", the layers of snow on my hat and a numb nose seemed to be a better indicator of the true situation. Photos, comment, and even a story about toast this month.
* 20th October 2005
I really would love to be agile. I suppose at my age you can't expect to be a gymnast, but being able to keep up with agile development would be nice. Maybe it's the after-effects of a less than restful holiday (see below), or just the strain of wondering where my retirement went. Still, it's fun working on this new project - even though sleep does not seem to be part of the recipe.
* 31st August 2005
I don't get many "real holidays" - let's face it you can't really count jetting off to conferences in Florida or Vienna as a holiday. So I was looking forward to a complete break from computers, email, and stuff in general through a total chill-out week touring Scotland - to visit some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world. But, as usual, my life is never that simple...
* 5th July 2005
It's taken a while to come up with more stuff to complain about - I must be getting soft in my old age. OK, so I never really wanted to upgrade to Office 2003, but it's been longer than expected before it annoyed me enough to write about it. Mind you, I also have some unexpected praise for that wonderful group of people known affectionally in the authoring business as "[expletive deleted] editors"...
* 14th April 2005
Wow, I've made history! or so I've been told. I also got to travel by train for the first time in ages, took in some real history, and went Oriental in the evening. Why? where? and how? (and do you really care?) - see the usual unstructured ramblings that inevitably seem to fill my diary pages.
* 28th March 2005
Hello Mickey... well, actually I didn't get as far as Disneyland even though I was in Orlando yet again. In fact I never went outside the hotel all week. Maybe that was because it hardly ever stopped raining - I might as well have stayed in England except that would have made it hard to present sessions at the Spring 2005 ASP.NET Connections conference...
* 12th March 2005
I'm basically confused about where Visual Basic is going. After following a long thread on a newsgroup, and talking to some developers who are involved in this discussion, I'm wondering exactly what Microsoft's plans for the future of VB and VBA actually are. So here's my take on the situation...
* 5th February 2005
What is it with conference organizers? Yet again, I'm in danger of suffering frostbite in my extremities, and my nose is still numb. It's a good thing that the ASP Konferenz in Munich was such a good event. And I guess great food, good friends, and generous applications of the best German (and Irish) beer help to dull the pain.
* 5th January 2005
Another year older, and deeper in debt. A New Year to look forward to but not much exciting and new to talk about, so I thought I'd just ramble on a bit about a few ongoing topics such as earning a living, sound cards, my latest book, and Web site hosting companies. See, you can't accuse me of having a theme...
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