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* 5th December 2004
I seem to have become disconnected from the real world. I guess it happens to all of us who live in the twilight world of beta-software-land. They always say you should never go back, and I have to admit that going back to "classic" ASP was much worse than I expected. I even had to get a book out to remind myself how to open an ADO Recordset...!
* 23th November 2004
On the road to Mandalay... to another conference, and in fact another trip to Las Vegas. I expect the nice man on the US Immigration desk will start to recognize us soon - maybe I should bring him some English tea next time...? In the meantime, here's the usual combination of photos and verbiage.
* 30th October 2004
Free Windows! No, it's not a plea for clemency, but another roughly-packaged assembly of rambling thoughts on topics I come across in my life as an itinerant softwarean. The panic cry of "Help, my computer has broken!" on the other end of the 'phone is where it starts, but somehow it ends with a plea for sanity in the email sender verification arena. If you think you can bear it, you can read more here...
* 2nd September 2004
Are you dynamic? Turns out I wasn't dynamic enough - at least as far as my DNS server is concerned. It's kind of worrying when you log on as a Domain Administrator, and the other machines on the network start popping up "Access Denied" messages and logon dialogs. As usual, applying the solution was much quicker and easier than actually tracing the problem.
* 8th August 2004
As time goes by... and I can't even manage to get one entry a month in my diary! Still, I finally got around to some more unrelated jottings about where my time actually goes, and even a couple of off-topic ramblings about being an author and buying a TV. More here...
* 31st May 2004
I wonder if it's a conspiracy? It seems only five minutes since I was at TechEd 03, and now it's TechEd 04. Maybe they have two a year, and just increment the year number without letting on. In reality, it's only 1987. Still, it was a good show, as you can see here. Shame about the weather, however.
* 26th April 2004
It's conference season again, and this month I wandered off to Orlando to take part in the Spring ASP.NET Connections conference. As usual I managed to forget to take any photos of the actual conference, but I found some non-relevant pictures amongst the hundreds I filled the digital camera with while I was away. These, and some comments on the trip and the conference are available here.
* 11th March 2004
It seems to be a while since I grumbled about life, the universe and everything. So, to make up for this glaring omission, I've decided to tell all about my latest experiences in buying computer kit. Question is, did I really get a good deal from Sony on my latest acquisition?
* 27th February 2004
Just back from the DotNET Developer's Group meeting at the Microsoft UK head office in Reading (that's pronounced "red-ding" if you are not familiar with English town names). I hosted a master-class talking about data access in .NET v1.1 and what's coming up in version 2.0, together with looking at topics such as Web-based distributed applications and XQuery. I thought it went well (i.e. no-one fell asleep and I didn't fall off the stage), and quite a few people said they enjoyed it and even found it useful! I did find out that developers in Reading all seem to program in Delphi, and are also strangely intent on finding out how tall Joanna Lumley (of "Absolutely Fabulous" fame) is...
* 1st February 2004
Thank you Vienna for providing such a wonderful Winter backdrop for the PDC Highlights conference. Dave and I were invited to speak on topics including Visual Studio, ASP.NET 2.0 ("Whidby") and general .NET data management techniques. We were so well looked after that we felt like VIPs - though I guess BillG (who was also there) did stay at a bit nicer hotel than us. So this month's disorganized jottings include details of the conference, the city, the wonderful people we met, and how cold it was.
* 15th January 2004
The New Year is here, and like most people I'm fighting to survive the daily onslaught of unsolicited commercial email, and spam in general. However, I've just upgraded to the new verison of iHateSpam and can start work an hour earlier in the mornings now! You can read more, complete with the rants and raves that seem to have become my usual approach to e-journalism.
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