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2002 in Al's Shed 2002 in Al's Shed ...

* 28th October 2001
Just back from the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference in Los Angeles. Dave and I were asked to present a pre-conference session that showed how ASP.NET provides a great environment for Web developers. As usual, my general ramblings and totally off-topic photos are condensed into a conference report.
* 24th August 2001
I'm not a great believer in Spring cleaning, but it was becoming clear that I had to do something to reorganize my office here. What started out as a quick one-day shuffle around turned out to be a week of work. Still, it all seems to be just about working again now ... although I am firmly gripping a large wood desktop with the hand that doesn't have all the fingers crossed while I speak.
* 26th July 2001
Came home from a week's break in Cyprus (yes, a holiday at last) to find that my primary gateway server and mail server had suffered a disk crash. I've been putting off the upgrade to Windows 2000 on this server for months, but now there was no excuse. And yes, in case you were worried, I did take some photos in Cyprus... And if you're still waiting for a reply to an email you sent me in the last couple of weeks, please send it again. The original is probably in the dustbin ('trash can' if you're reading this from the other side of the pond) with the remains of the hard disk.
* 19th June 2001
Dave and I spent a pleasant week in Denver, Colorado at the WebDevCon conference talking about ASP.NET and meeting people who will ultimately have to get all this new stuff working in the real world. We also found time to explore (and drink beer), and so the now-customary conference report also contains the usual ramblings about the location as well as the conference itself.
* 11th March 2001
Just back from the Microsoft VS.NET Europe conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. Although it was aimed predominantly at Visual Studio developers (like most ASP programmers I still use NotePad), it was a useful trip to see how the product is maturing, and how other people are getting on with it. Dave and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to present a session or two on ASP.NET. As usual, I took the digital camera with me - and came back with the usual crop of grainy and indecipherable pictures.
* 10 November 2000
Dave and I were in Amsterdam recently for the Wrox Web Developer Conference (Europe) 2000. It was a highly successful event, and generated a lot of interest in a range of new technologies as well as helping attendees get up to speed with many existing development ideas and techniques. I took a few photos and penned some lines about the visit in case you're interested.
2002 in Al's Shed 2002 in Al's Shed ...

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